What’s the easiest way to add/remove/change a filter

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      Let me count the ways! In Stratum there are a number of ways to manage filters. Here I’ll list a couple that you can use that are just a couple of clicks. I’ll try to reference the screen shot included below in my comments. Filtering in Stratum is pretty easy and can be done by clicking on the funnel icon, where ever it is displayed. The big funnel at the top provides access to all the filters and is an easy way to start when you want to manage your filters.

      1. Any time you want to apply a filter just click on the funnel icon labeled number 1 in the picture below. You can then click on the funnel next to the dimension you want to filter on and you’ll be able to select the items you want to filter on or exclude.

      2. When you want to remove a filter click on the funnel icon labeled number 1 in the picture below. Then click the ‘X’ on the row for the dimension you want to remove.

      3. To change a filter (which you can tell has been applied by the small funnel icon that will appear next to the item that is filtered – funnel icons 2 and 3 in the picture below) either click on the small funnel icon next to the item you want to change the filter on – filter icons 2 and 3 in the pic below or click on the large funnel icon, number 1 in the pic and then click on the small funnel on the row that for the dimension that you want to change, (eg – Product Brand in the example)

      Hopefully this helps. I know there are ‘traditionalists’ out there that will say you could use a right click on the dimension or apply filters in the View Explorer, and you are right! But this is the way I typically filter in Stratum – YMMV.

      Filtering Options in Stratum

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