What kind of stuff, other than sales in Stratum?

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    Almost everyone has sales data in Stratum, but what other kind of stuff do people analyze in Stratum? We see lots of other stuff in Stratum, some that you may want to see in context with other data like sales and some stuff that stands alone.

    Examples of information often seen in context with sales:
    POS from major retailers
    Inventory – I’ve got orders, do I have anything to ship?
    Distributor sales – data back from your major distributors or dealers – check sell in and sell thru
    Sales Plans – either created from your Stratum data or imported from excel

    Examples of other types of information – you probably already are aware of the different Analytical areas in Stratum – Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Planning/Forecasting etc. But here are some specific examples:
    Customer service tickets – counts, time to close, reason codes – we use this one internally at Silvon
    Purchase Orders – both open PO’s and historic receipts – who do we buy from, how much to we spend with a vendor
    AR – Open and collected – how much do they owe us, what is outstanding, do they pay on time
    Plant and machine stats – is a line hitting it’s target production rate, good vs bad production, shift perf

    These are just a some of the things we see that fit in some of the traditional Stratum categories. But just about any data can wind up in Stratum. We track phone calls off or our phone switch data. We also see how often our help videos are used.

    Below is an example of a Mfg. dashboard showing Daily production for a line vs target and % achievement, the underlying data actually goes down to shift level. Also shown is fill rates for a bagging line captured in 5 minute increments. The pie chart is good and bad bags, from two different lines in the work center. The grid is fault rates and reason codes by day of the week. This is just one example of how you can use Stratum for data other than sales.

    Let you mind wander!

    Example Production Dashboard

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Frank.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  Frank.

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