What happed to the expand/compress button in 6.6?

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      In the latest version of 6.6 the expand/compress button that was to the left of the View name is gone! How do I see all my rows?

      Found it:) There are now two options for seeing all the rows in a view. A new “Show All” button will appear next to the row and column counts at the top of the window when there are more rows than displayed available and a “Use Paging” option in the new Display Options window.

      So why you ask – did we add take away the old and add the 2 options?
      Have you ever drilled from one level to another and thought, “Shoot, I didn’t mean to do that, it’s going to return a gagillion rows because I have the view expanded”? If so this is why the “Show All” button was added (or at least one of the reasons). The recommended way to build a view is to have the view in compressed mode (now called page mode). Then if you need to see all rows use the new “Show All” button to retrieve all the rows. When you drill down to the next level your view will revert to page mode, reducing the time to retrieve information. Combine this with the easy to use row and column counts (where you can set the initial number of rows and columns returned) and you have some nice controls in place to help tailor your data to exactly what you need.
      Of course the old always run the view in expanded mode remains an option. Simply click on the new icon in the tool bar to see the Display Options window and uncheck the “Use Paging” option, this will then cause the view to run without paging (i.e. in expanded mode).

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      Ok – as a follow on to the above I’ve heard a couple of people ask if they can go back to compressed (paging mode) once they click on the Show All button. I don’t think there is a need to do that, since the Show All only applies to the current data you are looking at and will not be saved as part of the view definition, nor will it apply if drill to another level or re-filter the data you are looking at.

      The Use Paging option is the way to mimic the old expand/compress feature. The Show All button only applies the current set of data you are looking at. If you’ve clicked on the Show All button – as soon as you drill or filter the view will revert back to compressed mode.

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