How can I 'OR' filters on columns

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      Trying to determine Dead Stock in our inventory – and we have a couple of criteria that we want to use. If I apply filters on the columns themselves Stratum ‘AND’s them together, but we want to use an OR. If this is true OR this other thing is true then this is dead stock.

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      This is true – that Stratum will AND filters together by default when you specify them on the columns. But you can use filters on the Row or Columns – also called Axis Filters to OR multiple filters together. In addition with Row and Column axis filters you can use boolean logic, ‘and’ and ‘or’ multiple things together and filter on both dimensions and measures.

      You can get to Row and Column axis filters a number of ways:
      1. Right click on the word Row or Column in the Navigation Panel and you’ll have an option to Edit a filter
      2. Click the big filter funnel icon in the menu at the top and select the Axis filter panel
      3. In the View Explorer double click or right click on the Row or Column node and edit the axis filter in the properties window.

      Let’s say that you are looking for dead stock – items that are not moving and you have two criteria:
      1. the average weekly movement over the last 13 weeks is less than 100 units/week
      2. There have no sales in the last 4 weeks

      Step one is to have columns in your view that represent the rolling 13 week avg sales and the sales for the last 4 weeks. If you’ve got questions on how to add these I can add more detail, let me know.

      Step two is to add the axis filter for rows (assuming you have your products listed in the rows and measures in the columns – which is the std. what Stratum shows stuff.
      The axis filter would look something like:

      [Measures].[Data5 (Avg 13 Wk Sales)]<100 OR [Measures].[Data2 (Last 4 Wk Tot Wk 35 to Wk 38)]=0

      You can easily select the measures in the filter window under the measures node and just place the 'OR' between them and you're good to go.

      Hope this helps!

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