How can I make more stuff fit across the page?

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      There are at least 3 different ways I can think of that can help you fit more stuff across the view grid in Stratum. There could be more – but this is what quickly comes to mind.

      1. Use the Display Options and go to the Grid Format tab (available in version 7.2 and later – if you don’t have this option contact Silvon or your Admin to get an upgrade – most everyone has access to this change). Once there select a smaller font size for both the caption size and the data size.

      2. Stratum uses the longest piece of information in a column to size the column. If you have data in a column that’s length is shorter than the heading – right click on the heading, choose properties and change the Caption Expression to something shorter. For example – if you had a ‘Product ABC Code’ displayed, and the values were (you guessed it….) A, B or C – you could change the heading to ABC, making the longest bit of data go from ‘Product ABC Code’ to ‘ABC’. You could also leave the caption blank if it is obvious what the data displayed in the column is.

      3. Remove the value for a Dimension and show just the Description. Examples of this – Your showing Post Code in your view – the Post Code value is 12345 and the Post Code Long Description is also 12345 – no need to show the same data twice. This comes up for things like State as well. Or you are showing SalesPerson and both the SalesPerson number and the SalesPerson name are displaying, but no one cares about the SalesPerson Number.
      I’ll use the SalesPerson example in my instructions. To get rid of the SalesPerson number and show just the name – Open the View Explorer and expand the SalesPerson dimension, then hide the SalePerson description. Next right click on the SalesPerson (the indented one, not the top one) and select properties. In the Properties window change the Display Text from Value to the Description.
      This technique works for any dimension and variations of this are a great way to show less stuff around the time dimensions when you don’t want to see Current Year and just see the actual year value – there are other posts on this you can search for.

      So those are 3 quick ideas to saving space in Stratum – hope this helps!

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