Connection String for Change Set program

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      I am attempting to implement the change Set process. This is on a Windows server running v6.4 of Stratum and connecting to SQL Server 2008 via Microsoft OLE DB Provider. I am calling the CHGSET.EXE command, but to not know what format the connection string switch (/CO) requires.

      Also, what value should be put for the /DS switch? Is that the Stratum category (e.g. AS) or the SQL database name?


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      Here’s some info. that should help. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our SUPPORT team at

      The CHGSET.EXE is an older program that does not have updated options and switches. The optimized and recommended program to use for running a change set is GIACSDRV.EXE.

      The required switches to be updated for GIACSDRV.EVE are:

      1. /CSI – This switch selects the Change Set Id name that was created with the dimension and values to be searched and replaced.

      2. /DS – This switch selects the Data Source to be update with the changes specified in Change Set ID. (i.e. /DS=DSAS).

      All other switches will use the defaults.

      The optional switches to consider to update for GIACSDRV.EVE are:

      1. /CSD – This switch determines what Data Type or category attached to the Data Source will be process.

      • If there is only one category attached to the data source, then you do need to include this switch.

      • But if there are multiple categories attached to the specific data source, and you only want a specific category to be updated, then include switch with the specific category to be process – i.e. /CSD=AS.

      2. /CSY– This switch determines what years will be processed.

      • The default is 0 to process all years.
      • If you want a specific year, then include switch with specific year to be process – i.e. /CSI=2016.

      3. /OLAP – This switch determines the OLAP tables for Stratum.Viewer to be maintained.

      • The default is 1 to maintain the OLAP tables. We recommend leaving this option as is with or without Stratum.Viewer app.
      • Therefore, this switch does not need to be included, unless you do not want OLAP tables maintained – i.e. /OLAP=0.

      4. /PL – This switch allows the previous level data for the dimension specified to be process also.

      • The default is 1 to process previous level. If you do not have previous levels do not include this switch.
      • If you have previous levels, but do not want previous levels to updated, then include switch to not process previous levels – i.e. /PL=0

      5. /RT – This switch is the processing type using either Reverse Transaction or Inplace.

      • The default is Reverse Transaction.
      • If want to process type as Inplace, then include switch to process with Inplace – i.e. /RT=0.

      All other switches such as /CO will use the default as indicated in the registry.dat file located in DTPROD directory.

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