Comments in calculated measures or how can I remember why I did that?

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      Trying to remember why you set up a calculation a certain way or what a specific Iif statement was for can be a daunting task sometimes! A feature that’s been a part of Stratum for a long time but one that we don’t see a lot of users taking advantage of is the ability add comments to your calculated measures. You can easily do this in the Expression window that is used to define your calculated measure. In that window you can start a line with // and then follow that up with a comment – each line of the comment will need to start with //.

      You can see in the example below we added a comment so we could clarify what the iif statment was doing:
      //If we’ve already achieved Plan – set the Run Rate to null

      Iif([Measures].[Data7 (Amt Diff)]<=0,null, #DivideWithZeroCheck([Measures].[Data7 (Amt Diff)], [Measures].[Data17 (Remaining Work Days this month)])) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Also - remember that you can use the Pop Expression property of a Measure to add comments so that a User can better understand how a calculated number was derived, what the Conditional Format conditions are, or any other info about a measure a user might need.

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