Can I replace Current Year with the actual year? Same for Months

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      Yes you can! Stratum is very flexible in this regard. You can use both Captions and Column/Row properties to easily set up your time headers and labels.

      Lets use the example below, which is a simple view showing sales by month for the current year. I’ll use the numbers in the picture to help reference what I’m talking about. You’ll need to open the View Explorer to start.

      1 – What we’d like to do is change the Year to show actual year instead of Current Year, but when a new year happens we want the year to automatically change. For the months we want traditional month names instead of the based descriptions currently displaying. Along with that we want the caption to say “Year” instead of “Year Based” and same for the Months caption.

      2 – So first how did that stuff get there in the first place. It was from the based time we used so that the year and months would change as we move thru time – which is what we want. But we’d like to make it look more like an absolute year/month setup than based. Based time (time levels with the word Based in them) will automatically change so you don’t have to update your View whereas absolute time will need to updated as the year changes. We used Year Based Months Based in the case. Click on the > next to Year Based Months Based to expand the level. Double click or right click and select Properties on Months Based.

      I’m going to outline this for Months Based – the same techniques apply for Year Based.

      3 – The Properties window will display
      4 – Click the down arrow in the Display Text option and select “Year Based Months Based – Months Based-Abs Months”. This will change the descriptions used for the months to be actual month names instead of the currently displayed based names.
      5 – Click the … in the box at the end of the Caption Expression to display the Caption Expression window.
      6 – Key in the caption you want – typically “Month” and click OK.
      7 – Click on check boxes next to the attributes under Months Based (“Year Based…..-Value” and “Year Based…..Abs Month” the click the hide button (8) at the top of the view explorer.

      Click on OK in the Apply Changes window – and you should be good to go.

      Rinse and repeat for the Year Based level and you’ll end up with headers and descriptions like the second image below.

      You can do this for any dimension – but it comes up most often with regards to time.

      Good luck!

      Changing the Descriptions and Captions

      After our changes:

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      What about seeing Week Starting/Ending dates?

      This is another easy thing to do in Stratum. Using the same techniques as in the original post you’ll want to start with Year Weeks or Year Based Weeks Based. You must use a week dimension that includes a year because weeks start/end on different dates in each year.

      Once you are in the view explorer and you’ve got your Year Based Weeks Based or Year Weeks included expand the dimension so you see the Years and Weeks.

      This next step is in addition to the techniques in the previous post – because in this case we have to include the Start and/or End date for the week (BTW you can do the same thing for Months and Quarters) because it is not included by default.

      Right Click on the Weeks or Weeks Based and select Edit Attributes. In the Edit Attributes window include the Start or End date, whichever you want – or both if you want. I normally use only the start date.

      Once that is done – just do pretty much the same as described in the original post – and use the Start or End date in the Display Text instead of the Value. You’ll also want to remember to hide whatever you use in the Display Text (as described in the original post) so that you don’t see the same description twice.

      Hope that helps!

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