Can I filter on a list of Products I have in excel?

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      Yes! This question came up during a user review session and I was surprised that they were not aware of this functionality. It’s been in Stratum for a long time now, although maybe it was tough to find:) BTW – User Review Sessions are something Silvon does for free, where we sit with users and walk thru a couple of views that they often use. Hopefully we can offer some pointers for using Stratum and Silvon benefits by learning more about how people are using Stratum and features that might be helpful. Let us know if you are interested…..but back to our story. If you have a list of products, customers or whatever in excel and you’d like to use that list in Stratum you can use the Paste function in the member search (used for filtering or building user lists). For the most recent versions (6.5+ I think) you just click on the More… button from the Select Members window that comes up for filtering. If you are already on the Advanced Select Members window an option for Paste will be listed. If you are on the regular Select Members window you’ll need to click More…. and then click on Advanced Select, then click on More… again. (maybe we should add Paste to regular Select Members More… button??)

      If you are on an earlier version get the Select Members window (filter a dimension), then get to the Advanced Select Member window (button on the right side), once in Advanced window there is a Paste button on the right.

      However you get to the Paste button, click that and the Paste Members window is displayed, you can paste values into the box on the left, then click Validate to move the entries to the box in the right, all the valid entries can now be used to filter in Stratum. This sounds complicated but it’s not and it allows you to easily use data you have in excel to filter in Stratum. You can find help on this here

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      When you paste a list of customers, products or what ever into the Paste window remember to click the Validate button! Then check at the top of the window – if there were any invalid entries they will not move to the box on the right side, the will remain in the box on the left, above that in red will be a notification on how many entries were invalid. If any of the entries were dups you’ll also get notified and only one entry for each duplicate will get copied.

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