Can I control the number of rows and columns initially displayed?

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      Stratum displays 40 rows and 10 columns of data when I run a view, but I want more columns because my view has 12 months across the top.

      This is something that can be changed at multiple levels in Stratum. The number of rows displayed often comes up in a couple of cases – one is that there are not enough rows displayed to fill the screen. Another is that you would like Stratum to return the first x number of rows so you can scroll thru them quickly, but you don’t need Stratum to return all the rows because that would be a ton of stuff. The number or columns displayed also comes up when you have a view that has more than x number of columns and you end up having to show all the data or use the Stratum scroll buttons at the top of the screen (little circles with arrows in them in the upper right corner – did you know what those were for??) to see all the columns.

      Stratum provides an easy solution to this, and it can be set at multiple levels. For users out there you can set the number of rows and columns displayed per ‘page’ in two different places.

      1. For a specific view you can override the number of rows and columns displayed using the Edit Display Options dialog. It’s the screen with a wrench in it icon at the top of the screen in a view. There is an option to Override View Page Size – this is defaulted to 40 rows and 10 columns unless your Admin has changed it. You can select more rows and/or columns to be displayed. Save the view with your updated settings and when you display the view it will initially display the number of rows and columns you specified.

      2. If you want all the views you open to have a certain number of rows and columns (I use 100 rows and 50 columns for my settings) you can Override the View Page Size in the User Options window. This window is accessed off the gear with the wrench in the upper right in current versions of Stratum. In upcoming versions it will be off the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

      For Admins – if you want to change the default from 40 rows and 10 columns you can do it for everyone or for individual users.
      For everyone – in the Admin view group go into Application and in the Views section you’ll see the Page Size setting, you can set this to what ever makes sense for you typical screen and result set size. Remember that what ever you set this to – for views that have Paging turned on (the default in Stratum) Stratum will attempt to return this many rows and columns.

      For a specific user – In Admin go to User Profile and select the user you want to set it for. In the User Options section you can set the Override View Page Size for this specific user.

      Hope that helps!

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