Any ‘Tricks’ to using my Stratum data in Power BI?

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      We have some suggestions! Any Stratum view can be used as a data source in Power BI. But there are some general guidelines that make using a view more effective and faster in Power BI. I’ll list a couple and also supply a link to a getting started guide that goes thru a bunch of suggested items when using a Stratum View in Power BI.

      My list of suggestions, in no particular order:
      1. Use a name that makes searching for your Stratum views for Power BI easy to find – I start mine with ‘PBI’ and put them in a unique View Group so you can easily manage them.
      2. Don’t use conditional formats or any other formatting on your measures
      3. Make your view a table – dimensions only on rows, measures in columns – Power BI likes tables, not multidimensional views
      4. Make sure your view has Paging on – it makes it easy to work with views that return lots of data while in Stratum, but will be automatically ignored when the data is linked to Power BI.
      5. Don’t use repeating rows and column labels – this just slows down the view in Stratum, but is handled automatically when going to Power BI so that you will get the data you need in Power BI.
      6. Remove the from and to dates in the columns – Power BI uses the name of the column to link to the data, if the column has captions that change Power BI will get confused and break the link when the caption changes.
      7. Turn off totals for rows and columns – you can calculate them in Power BI

      You can find more detail on these suggestions along with additional tricks for most efficiently using a Stratum View with Power BI here.

      If you have any tricks that you’ve come up with, or ideas on how to improve the Stratum Power BI connector let us know!

      Happy Power BI’ing………

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