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      Make it easy to get to Stratum and a particular view quickly. At our online Insight class today I mentioned I’d show how to add a Stratum as a bookmark or favorite in your browser. My intention is not show how to create the a bookmark, that’s a chrome or IE thing that is easy to do. What I did want to document is how you can have a bookmark that brings up Stratum with the Silvon homepage and another bookmark that brings up Stratum with you favorite view.

      To get Stratum to come up from a bookmark simply go to to your Stratum URL – I’ll assume it looks something like https://yourserver:55000 or something like that. Once Stratum comes up simply add it to your bookmarks by clicking no the star in the address bar (this is in chrome, in IE I believe there is a star to the right of the address bar, or you can Add to Favorites). That one is easy.

      Now lets add a link so that Stratum starts with your favorite view.
      1. Add another bookmark for Stratum – once you get it added we’re going to edit it and make it behave differently.
      2. Go into Stratum and find our favorite view in the View Group menu on the left (not in the Favorites and Recents window)
      3. Once you find it right click on the View name in the menu – You’ll see a number of options like Run, Edit, Delete etc. Under the Web Part option is a newer option called URL (if you don’t have this, it’s time to upgrade!). Click the URL and a window comes up with a URL already highlighted. Copy the entire URL so you can paste it.
      4. Go the bookmark or the favorite that links to Stratum you just created and right click. Select Edit and replace the URL that is there with the URL you just copied. The new URL should look something like:

      5. You’ll want to change text ‘ViewWindow’ to ‘Default’ in the stuff right after the server name and port. This will cause Stratum to display the entire view group menu system along with your view. If you don’t change this you’ll get your view but no way to get to any other views or features in Stratum

      6. You can adjust how the view displays by changing any of the IsHidexxxx parms from false to true. I generally change the ISHideExplorer from false to true so that the View Explorer does not show by default in my view – I like to have the screen space, and with the latest versions of Stratum you don’t need the View Explorer to do most things in a view.

      Now you should have two new bookmarks/favorites, one that takes you Stratum with the homepage so you have access to the Insight classes, videos, forums and product update info and a second that will start Stratum with your favorite view.

      Enjoy! Post any questions or comments and I’ll respond here.

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