A new year, a previous month and what happens


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      The scenario – a column with From:Current Yr – Jan and To:Current Yr – Previous Month.

      Assuming Jan is the start of a new year (I know, I know – some folks fiscals start in other months, but for the purpose of the example…). What should happen in Jan when you specify From:Current Yr – Jan and To:Current Yr – Previous Month? Translated for the upcoming 2017 new year it would be From:2017 Jan To:2016 Dec. Well,.. that won’t work, the From time is after the To time!

      Some of you know that this was an issue last January. As some of your views got errors when trying to retrieve data.

      The solution came out in version 6.6.3. Stratum will know interpret From:Current Yr – Jan and To:Current Yr – Previous Month in Jan to mean From:Jan Prev Yr To:Dec Prev Yr. So in the first month of the year the assumption is you would want to see YTD from the previous year. Once you get out of the first month of the year you’ll see YTD for the current year thru the previous month.

      If you are on a version prior to 6.6.3 this will not be the case and you’ll need to upgrade to get this logic.

      Questions or comments post here and I’ll follow up.

      Merry X’mas!
      Happy Holidays!

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