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An easy way to show only YTD months or weeks when displaying information with the months or weeks going across the top or down the side.

I wanted to add an update to this post. When I initially suggested that you can use an expression to filter the months to only see those months that have passed and the current month, so that the future months without sales don’t show up (which is nice when comparing TY to LY particularly in a chart) I was right (just to be clear) that you can do it this way – but it’s also not the easiest way to do this.

Instead of the expression filter you can use what is known as a “Named Set” filter. These named sets are available for the Time dimensions like Months, Weeks and Days (without any Year associated with them – as I used in the example). Named Sets are a list of time units (Months, Weeks, Days normally) that Stratum automatically updates to include months from the beginning of the year thru the current month. You can filter the Months dimension on a named set by selecting to filter Months, then change the “Filter Type” which you can do by selecting the More button in the filter window. Just select Named Set and then pick one of them. In most cases it won’t matter which named set you select, there is a named set created for each type of monthly data you import, but in most cases they are all the same.

Post if you have any issues or questions. Hope this helps.


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