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This question came up during a user review session recently. There are two solutions to this. The simplest is to include the Admin View Group in a users User Profile Group. Depending on the level of the user different options will appear in the Admin View Group. These are automatically set by Stratum and provide access to different functions for different levels of users. Here is a snippet from the Stratum Help that describes the access levels for different user levels:
Casual Users – have access to basic view features such as running views, editing existing sorts and filters, and saving views in that edited state as shared views or their own personal views. These users also have access to core view editing features via the Navigation Panel (change order of data, add levels, and more), the Filters window (add, delete, or change filters), and the Measure Items window (copy existing measure items to create new ones, show or hide measure items, and more).

Advanced Users – have access to all non-administrator functionality — they can build user lists, create user links, create actions and add actions to broadcast groups that their administrator has pre-defined for them, create conditional formats, make edits to existing views and save them as shared views or their own personal views, access view explorer, and insert new measure items and charts into views. Like casual users, advanced users can use the Navigation Panel, Filters window, and Measure Items window to control the data in their views.

View Administrators – have access to all non-administrator functionality (including what’s noted above for casual and advanced users) plus partial administrator access. That access includes setting up new views from scratch, setting up view groups, adding user profile groups using roles and user profiles already set up by a security administrator, setting up broadcast schedules and groups, and changing owners of various items in Stratum.Viewer (views, actions, broadcast schedules, broadcast groups, user lists, conditional formats).

Security Administrators – have access to all functionality including setting up roles and user profiles.

The second way to provide access to User Lists is to use a User Link and take users directly into the User List maintenance function from what ever View Group you add the User link to. The URL for use in the user link is the following:
http://yourserver:yourport#/UserListlistwindow.aspx – this link (after you substitute your server:port stuff) will take you to the User List list page where you can maintain and create new lists for any dimension.

The following link will allow you to create a user list for a specific dimension – it allows a user to go directly to the window for adding a new list. You’ll need to know the specific names of the dimensions you want to do this for, in this example it’s the dimension we call Product:

So a couple of ways to get access to the User Lists for advanced users.

Somewhere I also have a view that would allow you to build a list of, say, products based on filter criteria, then you could copy that list and the view has a link to go the create user list function, which in turn would allow you to paste your selection from the view into it. The view allows you to create lists for different dimensions and then links to the User List maintenance window for that dimension. If anyone is interested post something and I’ll see if I can dig it up.


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