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I’ve got a few different ideas – ranging from (IMHO) from good to bad…..
1. Stratum InfoCenter is a Stratum add on that allows you to see a bunch of info about who is using which views, when and how often. This works off the web log so it tracks anytime a view is run. Information pertaining to master file data, users and some other stuff is also included in InfoCenter. You can find some more details here.

2. Coming at this from a View-centric POV you can see who last used a view and when – in View admin. There have been more columns added to help with seeing who last used and/or updated a view. You can reorder the View admin display by clicking on the column headers.

3. There are 3 tables in the Viewer db that you can join together (I did it in excel for example) that can help – The new RecentlyUsedView, Membership and ViewProfile.
The driving table is the RecentlyUsedView table added in 6.7. This table contains all the views a user has used and the last time they used it. You would need to join this to the ViewProfile on the ViewId to get the view name, and join to the Membership table to get the user name. This will allow you to see what they have been using – but not how often – hmmm….seems like something that should get added….

4. You could poll your users and get their feedback……I know, a less then effective technique, but as I said at the beginning – ideas from good to bad….

So – best solution is InfoCenter, numbers 2&3 can help and will show you good info and number 4 is a terrible idea.


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