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What if you want to add multiple members for a dimension together to get a total? For example what if you we wanted to add the INB (indirect broker sales as in the original post) and the Direct Sales (Distribution Channel = DIR) together. With a slight variation to the calc in the original post it’s easy to do this.
If you know the members you want just go into the Expression window and in the hierarchy section work your way to members and select the members you want. Stratum will return a nicely formated string you can use in your calc. Or of course you can cut and paste get to the the same end result. What we want to do is use the Sum operator along with a member set. So instead of a single member in the tuple calc in the original post you would have:

Sum({[Distribution Channel].[Distribution Channel].[Distribution Channel].[DIR], [Distribution Channel].[Distribution Channel].[Distribution Channel].[INB]},[Measures].[Data1 (Total Sales Jan CY to Sep CY)])

We would still have the iif around this as in the original post but would use this instead of the tuple in that post. This calc will give use the sum of Distribution Channels DIR and INB.

Hope this helps – leave a post if you need some help.


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